Iron Man 3


I really enjoyed Iron Man 3, but people I saw it with were making noise that it was better than the first one and I don’t know about that. I definitely would need to see it again in order to decide, especially since I missed all the backstory in the beginning.

I tried pretty hard to stay awake, but I missed a good chunk of the beginning. I really don’t remember much until Happy getting in the fight with the dudes at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. So after the movie we’re standing around talking about it, and I had to say, “Well, I really liked it, but, um, what was Guy Pierce’s motivation?”

That said, I enjoyed that it was a little more serious. I liked the PTSD from what happened in the Avengers, which sort of kept it nicely in the universe while still being very separate. Also I feel like that WOULD’ve been traumatic, but it’s not something you necessarily think about, especially in a superhero movie. A friend of mine was complaining about the overwhelming amount of Pepper in this movie and why does there have to be so much love interest all the time? But I thought that from day one with the posters, it was very clear that this was Pepper’s movie, and she really took a backseat in Iron Man 2, so that’s ok. I’m a little torn about her turn with superpowers, because even though the feminist in me wants a lady in these movies to fight for themselves, Pepper is sort of the wrong one to be a physical representation of that, and it’s not like these powers were something she wanted/was going to keep. Also it was just stupid when Tony has all these Iron Man prototypes flying around the place, that the ONE time he doesn’t use them is to save Pepper. Ugh. Also, Tony, I love you, but when is Pepper leaving you for Happy already?

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2/5 Sleeping Pants